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The date of the next NEW BEGINNER CLASS in La Tangueria is not yet know.
The classes In La Tangueria are given in English.
(A beginners class start on Tuesday 6/01 at 19 :00 in Jette at place « Excelsior »)
Good to know & FAQ

La Tangueria
239 Chaussée de Jette
(not Av de Jette)
1080 Bruxelles

“How to get there”

19:00 – 20:00 Started in September 2012 & 2013
20:00 – 21:00 Started in September 2014
21:00 – 22:00 Started in March 2014
Session Sept 117 € / 104 €* 13 classes from 17/09 till 17/12
(NO class on 29/10)
Session Jan. 90 € / 80 €* 10 classes from 07/01 till 18/03/2015
(NO class on 18/02)
Session March 99 € / 88 €* 11 classes from 25/03 till 24/06/2015
(NO class on 8/04, 15/04, 13/05)

* for students less than 26 years old

How to get there:

From metro station Simonis: exit the station and walk towards the city centre (direction opposite to the Basilique). Enter the first street to the left (= rue Leon Fourez), then the first to your right hand side (= chaussée de Jette). We are 50m further to your left hand sinde (N° 239, at the back of the patio). By car from Bruxelles, Liège, Namur: take the tunnels of the Petite Ceinture direction E40 Ghent and Basilique de Koekelberg. Take the exit “Simonis”. At the traffic light take the street straight in front of you (keep the “Royal Flor” shop at your left hand) = Chaussée de Jette (one way). We are 50m further at your right hand side (after Pizzeria La Luna, at n° 239, at the back of the patio). Parking in the Chaussée de Jette, on Boulevard Leopold II, behind the metro station Simonis a little further down the street. By car from Ghent, Lille, Charleroi, Antwerp: on the Ring of Brussels take exit Koekelberg (it is where the E40 starts towards Ghent). When you are on the Boulevard Charles Quint and come close to the Basilique de Koekelberg, turn right at the last traffic light before the Basilique (do not enter the tunnels!). Drive along the Basilique and the parc. When you have the Basilique in your back (= Boulevard Leopold II), Turn left at the 3rd traffic light. Keep the “Royal Flor” shop at your left hand (= Chaussée de Jette – one way). We are 50m further at your right hand side (after Pizzeria La Luna, at n° 239, at the back of the patio). Parking in the Chaussée de Jette, on Boulevard Leopold II, behind the metro station Simonis a little further down the street.

Good to know


  • If you are a new beginners or a new Apollo Swing student, please register via the subscription form.
  • If you have done this before, please don't do it twice, thanks.


  • The weekly classes are going on between September and June and are divided into 3 sessions.
  • New beginners classes started in September and January and in some city also in March.
    This info is to be find on the page per class/city.
  • Except for beginners, you are welcome to join a group all year long, you don't need to wait the begin of the next session. Please contact us in this case.


  • To be able to guarantee the quality of the classe, we do encourage to be present as much as possible during the classes.
    This is the reason why your register for a session.
    If you wish, because of a particular reason, make an exception on this, you can always discuss it with us.
    One apart class cost 12€.
  • The price of the session depends of the numbers of classes in the session, it cost 9€ or 8€/hour for students less than 26 years old.
    This reduction is not available for students more the 26 years or if you are less than 26 and working.
  • You can pay per class only if places are available, this cost 12€ per hour..
  • It is possible to follow 2 levels, the second class will be 50% off.
  • Payments are done before the start of the first lesson.
    Please do come 15min. before the start of the first lesson. It is not possible to pay with Bancontact or with Credit Cards.
  • Cancellations of the courses are not reimbursed unless doctor attest.


  • The association, teachers and staff assume no liability for personal injuries or loss of, or damage to, personal property.


* Is it possible to follow a trial class?
  • We do not have a trial class but it is possible, if you are in couple, to pay the 1st class appart, (12€ pp) and decide at the end of the class, if still places are available, to register for the session.
* Can I register alone?
  • During the class we do change partner so you don't need to register with a partner but we are looking for a balance Leaders/Followers.
    You can register alone (you will arrive on a waiting list) and when a dancer also register alone we will contact you to confirm your registration.
    However we recommand you to register with a partner especially for the women/followers, for the men/leaders in general it is not a problem to register alone.
* Do we change partner during the class?<
  • We do change partner during the classes.
    This helps both leader and follower become better faster, as they both are exposed to different dancers with varying strengths and weaknesses.
    But we won’t force you to change partners. However, we strongly encourage it.
    We know you’ll make progress a lot faster if you do dance with others.
    So yes, it is possible to dance only with your own partner without changing, please in this case do inform the teachers.
* What to wear?
  • Confortable clothes and non-marking indoorshoes are recommended.(shoes with soles that do not leave marks when dragged over floors).
* Does Apollo Swing give private classes?
  • We do also give private classes. For more information, please contact us.
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